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An online boutique by Tanya Crump

Based out of North Carolina

Meet the face behind
Seventh Heaven!


Tanya Crump

Hi! Welcome to my small business! I am so happy you are here.

It is crazy to think of myself as a business owner. This has been an absolute DREAM come true. Outside of Seventh Heaven, I work full time in the Travel Industry and serve wings on the weekends. I worked in retail since I was 16 and after taking a course in non-verbal communication. I learned about how clothing serves as an artifact for people. There is a lot your clothes say about you. When you wear cute things you feel good. I am hoping that women can learn about self expression and individuality through my brand, as we achieve finding ones highest state of happiness.


Facts about the owner

Birthday: March 24th.

Zodiac: Aries.

Favorite Colors: Green and Yellow.

Education: Wingate University Alum (Communications Degree).

Favorite Hobby: People like me podcast.

Favorite quote: Stay rolling with the punches

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