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  • When the Overachiever Faces Burnout

    Hi there, It's Tanya popping in to write this months first blog post. In the future, brand reps will be taking over a topic of the month. This month I figured we would talk about the overachiever and it is funny writing about this because I myself am an overachiever. I work my corporate job Monday - Friday 9 to 5 and come home exhausted. On the weekends, I work at a restaurant tirelessly to make extra income & to feel like I am doing a lot. When there is time, I work on Seventh Heaven but lately I have felt too tired. I added a puppy to the mix & I didn't realize that having a puppy would be like having a literal infant. People ask me often Tanya how are you and routinely without thinking my answer is "Good, just tired". Robotically even. Without thinking about how I really am. Truth is, the overachiever is absolutely burned out. Today at my full time job we learned about our personality types in the workplace. Mine is known as the promoter. The Predictive Index states, "Promoters are natural team players. They’re known to be sympathetic, casual, and uninhibited. You have a built-in need to be a 'doer' - to always be physically and mentally active. To be engaged in a great variety of activities involving as many people as possible. However, people who know you well realise that, despite all this dynamic flow of energy, you can be logical and grounded." (By the way, this is a great resource to learn about yourself in any team setting; Here is the link to the courses). A week ago, I noticed my mood started to change. The peppy people in the office started to annoy me. Loud sounds bothered me. I was wondering if I even liked my job. I started questioning life choices. I had regrets and started thinking of a "way out". I was angry at myself for overcommitting wondering if its really even worth it. Friends started to reach out asking "How can I help"? That upset me. I have always seen help as a negative viewpoint. I was taking it as clearly I am failing if people are volunteering their time to help me since I cannot manage my own commitments. So this weekend I decided to go to the beach. The beach has always been my serene place to go and collect my thoughts. Looking up at the clouds, hearing the sound of the waves, really stimulating my senses. At one point I told my friend Kayla, this is so nice because for once I am not thinking about freaking work. I haven't experienced that in a while, but even on the trip I was having anxiety dreams about messing something up. I had to face the fact that I am burned out and tired. On the way back from the trip I was so emotional knowing I had to go back to the busy life I live. Work life balance is so important and when the things you love become un enjoyable it affects everything you do. If you are an overachiever reading this I want you to answer these questions: How is success measured to you? Are you working to satisfy yourself or others? Do you feel you are getting fulfillment or constant stress? Answering these made me want to evaluate my choices. Especially #2. I am overachieving to prove people wrong and to make people think I am successful. I always care more about pleasing others than personal gratification. So how can I start doing for me? I started a list of very little changes to where I can still satisfy my professional needs and my satisfaction needs. These things look like: Accepting help when it it is offered. Taking weekend trips to rest my mind. Stepping back from commitments. Figuring out ways to find enjoyment in stress. Falling in love with my job and the longterm goals. Gratitude Journaling. Burnout is real and you are only given one life, just one! So make it the life that best satisfies you.

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